Saturday, August 30, 2014

OLD ROSE TATTOO & ART STUDIO Est. 2009 in East Los Angeles

Eric De La Fuente Sr. Artist through different mediums pencil & pen, paint, sculpting, spray paint, chalk & pastels.... And now the most noble, humbling and ancient art there is... TATTOO.  There is nothing more eye opening then having to re learn your craft after you think... I can do that, easy. There is nothing easy about tattooing. 
    Besides having to learn your new equipment... Needles, springs, electricity, polarity, the speeds, needle depth, conductivity, which metals work better then others and on and on. The money you will put out just to start your machine up power supply, power cord, pedal, needles, tubes, grommets (or paper towel), ink, machine bags, cord covers, DON'T FORGET surgical soap, stencil stuff, medicide, detrol, green soap and whatever else you think you might need.
     Enough blah blah blah... Do yourself a favor and research, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!! Everything!!! Machines, Inks, brands, and beware of those internet bundles with a million pieces for $4.99 just saying... You do get what you pay for...

Good luck !


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